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General Policies

Standards of Behavior & Terms

PAE attendees are expected to read and adhere to PAE Conference Etiquette (pdf) and the NAPAMA Guidelines for Ethical Behavior.

South Arts is committed to providing a harassment-free conference for every person, regardless of gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, age or religion. South Arts does not tolerate harassment of Conference participants in any form including bullying, acts of aggression, unwelcome sexual attention and inappropriate physical contact.

South Arts reserves the right to bar any attendee, exhibitor or organization from participating in the Performing Arts Exchange, solely at Conference Management’s discretion.

Attendees (presenters, supporters, exhibitors, volunteers, etc.) are expected to act at all times in a professional manner. Attendees shall not infringe upon the rights and privileges of another attendee. Any complaints regarding infractions of the rules or disputes between parties, that cannot be settled in a calm and professional manner, should be made directly to South Arts. South Arts will inform parties of requested boundaries but will not act as mediator or arbitrator in any disagreements.

Any decision by South Arts shall be final, binding and non-appealable. Unethical or criminal conduct or infraction of the rules on the part of the attendee will subject the attendee to ejection from the conference venues including the exhibit hall and forfeiture of badge(s), fee(s), exhibit space and lottery rank status. In such an event, attendee acknowledges that it shall not receive any refund of any fee.

Cancellations, Refunds and Transfers

South Arts understands that there are circumstances that may prohibit a registrants’ attendance at the Performing Arts Exchange. Up to 30 days prior to the conference, South Arts will issue a refund minus a $100 administrative fee. Badge cancellation and refund requests must be submitted in writing to PAE Program Director, Leland McKeithan at lmckeithan@southarts.org. (For information on booth cancellations see Exhibitor Policies below.)

Registrations (Presenter, Exhibitor, Supporter) are transferable and attendees are encouraged to take advantage of this policy. In the event of a transfer, please let South Arts staff know as soon as possible to allow time to for administrative changes. South Arts does not guarantee that printed materials (badges, attendee lists, etc.) will be updated if the request to transfer credentials is made within 4 weeks of the start date of the conference.

Recording, Photography, and Social Media

Personal digital cameras are permitted at PAE events, provided photography is not disruptive. For showcases and PD@PAE workshops, registrants may take photos from their seats, as long as they are silent, not obstructing views, and are not using a flash. No professional photography or videography is permitted during the Performing Arts Exchange without press credentials. Press credentials must be obtained from South Arts staff at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the conference. If any photography or videography is deemed disruptive by conference staff, the participant may be asked to discontinue or leave the event.

Photography and videography for social media purposes, such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are encouraged provided that course or showcase material is not shared in full, and the artist or speaker is referenced. Social Media using the hashtag “#PAE2018” is encouraged.

Producers of Independent Showcases may have policies that vary from the South Arts policy. Please check with producers before photographing or videoing any artists.

Please be advised that any participants may be photographed and/or videotaped as part of the conference. By entering the facility and participating in this event, you are giving your permission for your photo or video image to be included in South Arts’ advertising and media products.


South Arts believes the arts should be available to all individuals and communities and is committed to ensuring Americans with Disabilities Act compliance for its physical offices and portfolio of services and activities. Organizations that receive funding from South Arts are required to provide accessibility for their constituents. All conference venues are compliant with ADA regulations. A South Arts Accessibility Coordinator is available at all times to discuss and accommodate your needs. Large print materials are available throughout the year by calling the South Arts office (404-874-7244) or filling out a request during the registration process. Any other requests for accommodations should be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the conference. For further assistance while at the conference, please see a South Arts associate at Registration.

Liability and Theft

South Arts is not responsible for property that is lost, stolen, or damaged in the Marketplace or at any time during the Performing Arts Exchange. However, South Arts takes such instances of loss very seriously and will investigate such reports to the best of its ability and direct anyone who reports a lost or stolen item to the proper authorities. South Arts provides security in the Marketplace but encourages exhibitors to be responsible for their property and secure valuable items at the close of each Marketplace day.


No children under the age of 18 will be allowed to attend any conference event. South Arts cannot review content material for age appropriateness nor guarantee the safety of children at the conference venue.


No weapons of any kind are allowed at any conference facilities or events during the Performing Arts Exchange.

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Booth Lottery

In order to be assigned a booth during the lottery process all exhibitors must purchase a booth before the booth lottery deadline, typically in June. Visit the  Dates & Deadlines page for more information.

Exhibitors who are sponsors and/or partners receive first consideration at the sole discretion of Conference Management. Booth assignments for the Performing Arts Exchange will be made through a lottery process with three levels. The first round is a lottery drawn from the pool of exhibitors who attended the previous year’s Performing Arts Exchange; the second round is a lottery drawn from exhibitors who did not attend last year but were in attendance sometime during the last three years; the final round is a lottery drawn from all other exhibitors.

Placement during this lottery process is intended to reward seniority without unduly penalizing newcomers. Placement during the booth lottery is not on a first come first serve basis. To ensure fairness to all participants, everyone will receive the same consideration within their lottery level. Conference Management will do their best to accommodate all requests, but no requests can be guaranteed.

If an Exhibitor is unhappy with their placement once the lottery has been drawn and placements announced, they may contact Conference Management to discuss their options. If there are additional, unclaimed spaces left after the lottery process, Management may allow transfer of location. No exhibitor will be allowed to change their booth location more than once.

If there are additional, unclaimed spaces left after the booth lottery process, booths are sold on a first come, first served basis.

For more information on the booth lottery process, visit the Booth Lottery page.

Agency Registrations

A limited number of agency registrations are available for experienced agents, managers, and artists who wish to attend the conference and sell their roster, show or product, but don’t wish to staff an exhibit space during Marketplace hours. Because the organization using the agency registration does not have the benefit of traditional discovery in the Marketplace, Conference Management strongly recommends that only those confident they can have a productive conference without this visibility take advantage of an agency registration.

Any attendee using an agency registration has the same access to conference lounge spaces, sessions, and events as exhibiting attendees. An agency registration does not permit an attendee to leave handouts and materials in lounge spaces or the exhibit hall, nor does it allow registrants to reside in one specific lounge or common area for the entirety of the conference. All persons registered under an agency registration much agree to the PAE Policies & Guidelines, PAE Conference Etiquette, the NAPAMA Guidelines for Ethical Behavior, and the PAE Refund policy.

Booth & Agency Registration Cancellations & Refunds

If an exhibiting organization cannot attend the Performing Arts Exchange, South Arts will refund the booth cost minus a $250 administrative fee provided the request is 30 or more days before conference and the booth is resold. For exhibitors who take part in the booth lottery, the initial non-refundable booth deposit of $250 will be held as the administrative fee. All cancellation requests must be made in writing to the PAE Director Leland McKeithan at lmckeithan@southarts.org.

“Selling” Without a Booth or Agency Registration

No “selling” organization is permitted to do business at the Performing Arts Exchange without being represented in a booth and/or having paid proper registration fees for an Agency Registration to South Arts. Business includes, but is not limited to: selling a service, holding meetings, representing a roster of clients, and networking. If anyone is reported to be engaging in business at a PAE venue during the PAE conference, without being represented in a booth or having purchased an Agency Registration, the report will be investigated by Conference Management. If the organization is found to be doing business at PAE, or “selling”, the first offense will result in the immediate expulsion from the Conference venues and the organization will be banned from participating in the following year’s conference. The second offense will result in the revocation of the offenders right to participate in any future Performing Arts Exchanges.


While exhibitors are permitted to promote artists or services that are not typically represented in their roster or product line while at PAE, South Arts discourages the practice. Conference Management finds that such circumstances may not be favorable to artists who are first-time attendees of PAE.

Hybrid Organizations

South Arts understands that the performing arts world is evolving and changing, and there may be organizations that both present in a performing arts space and promote an artist or roster. Representing artists at the Performing Arts Exchange without a booth or an Agency Registration is strictly prohibited. However, if an organization plans on attending the Performing Arts Exchange with the sole business purpose of booking for their presenting space, the organization is not required to buy a booth or purchase an Agency Registration. Any organization that serves this dual purpose of presenting and representing talent must notify Conference Management during the conference registration process, and agree, in writing, to abide by the constraints of the type of registration purchased.

If the hybrid organization is found to do business on behalf of an artist, or “sell”, while attending the PAE without being represented in a booth/an Agency Registration, they will have their badges revoked, immediate expulsion from the Conference venues, and the organization will be banned from participating in the following year’s conference. The second offense will result in the revocation of the right to participate in any future Performing Arts Exchanges.


Terms, Conditions & General Policies for Advertising.

Intellectual Property Representations and Warranties

Exhibitor on behalf of itself and its officers, directors, agents, employees, and assigns, hereby represents and warrants that (a) exhibitor’s marketing, advertising, and publicity materials, including, but not limited to, photographs, rosters, posters, images, videos, and recordings, and (b) any showcase or other artist performance(s) organized or promoted by exhibitor which has also been advertised and/or promoted as part of the Performing Arts Exchange, regardless of whether such showcase is arranged through a third party and regardless of whether such showcase takes place on or off of any official conference hotel or location, will not violate or infringe upon any common law or statutory right of any person, firm or corporation including, without limitation, contractual rights, copyrights, trademarks, and rights of privacy.

With regard to exhibitor’s representations and warranties, exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless South Arts, its successors, officers, directors, agents, employees, and assigns from and against any claims, loss, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs actually incurred, resulting from or arising out of, wholly or in part any breach of exhibitor’s representations and warranties, including, but not limited to, any act or omission of exhibitors, its officers, directors, artists, agents, and employees, and assigns. The express obligation shall include without limitation all liability, damages, loss, claims, and actions on account of property loss, libel, defamation, invasion of privacy or right of publicity, or infringement of copyright or trademark.

In addition, should South Arts determine in its sole discretion that exhibitor has breached any of exhibitor’s representations and warranties, South Arts shall have to right, in its sole discretion, to cancel any showcase or other artist performance(s) organized or promoted by exhibitor which has also been advertised and/or promoted as part of the Performing Arts Exchange and/or terminate exhibitor’s right to exhibit, display, or distribute exhibitor’s marketing, advertising, and publicity materials without any obligation to refund any costs, expenses, or conference fees to exhibitor. All such rights and remedies may be exercised cumulatively, or in the alternative at the sole discretion of South Arts.

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Load-in and Load-out

Set-up or tear-down outside of designated times is prohibited. Exceptions may occur only when a request has been made in writing and approved by Conference Management prior to the conference. Dismounting your display outside of designated tear-down time, without proper authorization, will result in loss of a seniority level in the following year’s booth lottery (See Booth Lottery policy above for further information).

Booth Staff Badges & Registration

All persons staffing a booth must be registered in order to receive a badge. While the first badge is complementary with the purchase of any booth, ALL persons, including the complimentary badge-holder, must fill out the register form in order to receive credentials and enter the Marketplace. The process of registering for badges is separate and distinct from the process of purchasing booths. Please make sure you have completed BOTH online forms (to purchase a booth and to register all staff for badges).

Single booths may be staffed by up to four persons at a time. Double booths may be staffed by up to eight persons at a time. These limits include registered booth staff as well as artists who may be in the marketplace on artist passes.

Open and Accessible Hours

  • Open Hours: Each booth must be staffed by at least one representative at all times.
  • Accessible Hours: Exhibitors and presenters may hold meetings or browse in the Marketplace but it is not required that booths are staffed for business.

Displays and Promotional Materials

All signs, banners and displays must be no taller than 8’ in height and must not interfere or obstruct neighboring exhibit spaces.

Any displays or equipment over 4’ tall must not protrude more than 4’ from the back wall of a full booth, or 2’ from the back of the wall in a half booth.

No signs, banners, or displays should be placed outside the interior of the booth. Under no circumstances should any items be placed in other conference facilities, including hotel, convention center, hospitality or showcasing space, unless an advertising or sponsorship agreement has been made in writing prior to the conference, allowing such placement.

Candles and open flame devices are prohibited in any conference venue or space. The use and display of compressed gasses, flammable liquids, or dangerous chemicals are also prohibited.

A/V, Sound and Performances in the Marketplace

Any audiovisual equipment in the marketplace must be equipped with headphones so that neighboring exhibitors aren’t disturbed while doing business. Live performances of any kind in the marketplace are prohibited. Please bring infractions to the attention of Conference Management.

Any activity that creates an event and draws large numbers of participants in the marketplace is not allowed and will be curtailed by Conference Management.

Food and Beverage in the Marketplace

The convention center and/or hotel retain the right to provide all food and beverages for the conference. Any food service in the Marketplace must be submitted in writing and approved prior to the conference by Conference Management.  Outside food is not allowed.

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All artists performing in a PAE Independent Showcase must be represented in the Marketplace by purchase of a booth or an Agency Registration. To ensure that independent showcases are not cross-scheduled with other conference events, Conference Management will only publish listings in the program book that occur during specified hours, after other conference events (Marketplace, Receptions, Professional Development sessions, etc.) have concluded.

During the booth staff registration process, exhibitors are asked if they are interested in collaborating on independent showcases or if they need showcasing space.  A list of producers that will sell slots for showcasing is available upon request and in the Exhibitor Service Center.

Conference Management strongly discourages first-time attendees from arranging independent showcases unless they are collaborating with another agent or artist who is experienced with Independent showcasing at PAE.

Artists and exhibitors must agree and uphold hotel, theater and convention center policies regarding food and beverage, signage, promotional materials, and closed doors.

See the Independent Showcasing page for more details.

Leasing Space from Conference Management for Showcasing

Limited space is available in the hotel/convention center venues for Independent Showcasing. Conference Management does not in any way produce Independent Showcases; space is leased to independent producers/artists to produce showcases on their own.

Each spring South Arts produces a listing/document with the specifics of the space available. Interested parties thoroughly read this document then fill out an online application form and discuss specifics with Conference Management. Conference Management attempts to accommodate all who wish to showcase but there is typically more demand than supply. Priority is given to producers who book multiple nights and are in good standing with South Arts. For more details, see the Independent Showcasing page

Once approved to lease space, South Arts considers the verbal and/or email agreement to use the space awarded binding. A deposit and a signed contract for independent showcasing space are due by the due date specified in the contract. The entire contract will be null and void if the deposit and the signed contract are not received within five (5) business days of specified due date. The space will then be offered to any parties on the waiting list. If the party whose contract has been voided still wishes to obtain showcasing space, they may be offered the space again only after the waiting list has been exhausted, and only at the discretion of Conference Management. In the event that space is not resold, the party whose contract has been voided will be penalized the following year by only being awarded space after applicants in good financial standing have been awarded space.