Presenter Assistance

South Arts Resources

South Arts offers a variety of grants to support presenting and touring throughout the region. The South Arts Grants page has full details about all our opportunities. An abbreviated list of initiatives include:

  • Grants are available for performing arts touring, literary arts projects, and, at times, special initiatives.
  • Launchpad, a program designed to provide a year-long support system to professionals who are new to the performing arts presenting field in our nine-state region, will be entering its second year. This new program offers professional development, mentorship, and a travel subsidy for participation at the Performing Arts Exchange. In addition, there is an opportunity to receive funding to join your statewide presenters’ network and to support artist fees for presenting one of our showcase artists.
  • Traditional Arts Touring Grants provide support to present Southern traditional artists and a scholar or folklorist for a multi-day residency.
  • Presenter Assistance Grants are available to travel to see work, attend a significant professional development opportunity, or host an artistic director planning visit.

Presenter Networks
Presenter networks convene at PAE and South Arts hosts a Southern presenter gathering during the annual APAP conference in New York.

Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers
The Southern Circuit brings the best of independent film to communities across the South. Audiences meet filmmakers, learn about the art of filmmaking, and explore the content of new independent films. If you are interested in engaging new audiences through indie film, consider becoming a Screening Partner for an upcoming season.

ArtsReady and the Performing Arts Readiness Project
The ArtsReady emergency preparedness tool guides arts organizations through the development of a business continuity plan and offers resources on planning. Arts Ready is now part of the Performing Arts Readiness Project a national initiative funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

State Arts Agencies

State Arts Agencies occasionally have funds available to ensure their constituents can receive professional development at conferences such as PAE. We have been informed of the following opportunities available for PAE 2017. Stay tuned for funding opportunities for PAE 2018.

  • Kentucky Arts Council. The Kentucky Arts Council will offer a limited number of travel subsidies up to $200 for presenting arts organizations to attend PAE. Details will be posted as they become available, or you may contact Tamara Coffey for information.
  • Mississippi Arts Commission. The Mississippi Arts Commission mini grant program allows organizations to apply for up to $1,000 (with a dollar-for-dollar cash match) to attend a professional development workshop or conference such as PAE. The deadline to apply is June 1 of each year.
  • South Carolina Arts Commission. The South Carolina Arts Commission offers funds up to $1,000 for constituents to attend professional development conferences. They are also kind enough to allow PAE attendees to use the deadline of August 15 (but recommend applying earlier if at all possible) even though the conference is outside of that deadline’s timeframe. Please be clear when applying that the funds will be used to attend PAE and call your SCAC coordinator to arrange for the exception.