Presenter Referral Program

PAE 2015 - Meetings-33The PAE Presenter Referral program is all new for PAE 2016!  Members of the presenting and touring community at large may know presenters that should attend PAE but aren’t currently in the loop. Conference management is offering a $100 rebate for any exhibitor or attendee that brings a new presenter to PAE.

The Details

  • To be considered a new presenter, neither the referred person nor organization can have attended the Performing Arts Exchange after 2010 (i.e. 5 years no PAE attendance.)
  • The attendee or exhibiting organization that refers the new presenter must provide conference management with proof of referral (email chain, call log, etc.)
  • The attendee or exhibiting organization may refer new presenters, at $100 per presenter, up to the cost of their conference registration.
  • Conference management will provide the rebate in the form of a check after the Performing Arts Exchange has ended.