Buy a Booth

Pricing for PAE 2017 booths is not available yet. For budgetary purposes, PAE 2016 booth pricing is available below:

PAE 2016 Booth Prices

Booth Type* By 7/29 After 7/29
Full Booth (8′ x 10′) $850 $900
Half Booth (5′ x 10′) $650 $700
*Booth costs include one conference badge.  Exhibitors must buy a booth prior to registering booth staff. For additional attendee pricing, see Registration & Pricing.
Booth Size Standard Furniture Included
8′ x 10′ 8′ skirted table, two upholstered side chairs
5′ x 10′ 4′ skirted table, two upholstered side chairs
Add Ons
Bistro Full booths: adds a pedestal table and two bar stools to standard furniture option.
Half booths: substitutes standard table with a round table.
Only one bistro add-on may be purchased per booth.
Any additional furniture may be ordered through the conference decorator.
Prime Location Booth   An additional $175 charge for a premium location in the Marketplace. $175