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2016 Booth Lottery Policies

  • The 2016 Booth Lottery will be conducted in three rounds: round one will be exhibitors who attended PAE Baltimore; round two will be exhibitors who did not attend PAE Baltimore but attended sometime in the last three years; and round three will be all other registrants.
  • If an exhibitor in Baltimore tore down their booth early without prior written consent of conference management, they will be penalized by being put into the second round of the lottery.
  • Sponsors with signed contracts and/or partners may receive additional consideration at the sole discretion of Conference Management.
  • Every registrant will receive the same consideration within their round; registration is NOT allotted on a first come first serve basis.
  • Conference Management will attempt to accommodate all requests for booth type and location, however, no requests can be guaranteed.
  • No exhibitor will be allowed to change their booth location more than once.


Bistro Furniture: All booths will be furnished with one skirted table and two chairs. For an additional $125, full booths substitute one pedestal table and two bar stools, and half booths substitute a round table.
Prime Location Booths: There is an additional $175 surcharge to buy any booth in a high-traffic, premium location in the Marketplace. These booths are marked with a P on the Marketplace Map.
* For all booth pricing, visit the Buy a Booth page.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does Booth Lottery open?
Booth Lottery opens at 9:00 AM Eastern Time on Tuesday, May 17.

When does Booth Lottery close?
Booth Lottery closes at 5:00 PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, June 14.

When are booth assignments announced?
Booth assignments will be announced on Tuesday, June 21.

Will I be able to buy a booth in between the time when booth lottery closes and booth assignments are announced?
No. Booth sales will be closed from 5:00 PM on June 14 until booth assignments are announced on June 21.

If I enter the lottery as soon as it opens, am I guaranteed my first choice booth?
Conference Management attempts to accommodate all requests, however, no requests can be guaranteed. Furthermore, the Booth Lottery is NOT on a first come first serve basis, and you will ultimately receive the same consideration as everyone in your level — even if they registered on the last day of the lottery.

I see an additional level has been added to the lottery. If I attended PAE last year, do I still get priority?
Yes, if you exhibited in PAE in Baltimore, you will be placed before anyone who did not attend PAE in Baltimore. Exhibitors who did not attend PAE in Baltimore but attended in the last three years will be drawn during the second round.  All other exhibitors will be drawn during the third round.

Do I have to pay the entire sum of my booth upon entering the lottery?
While you are encouraged to pay the entire sum of your booth upon entering the lottery, you are only required to pay a $250 non-refundable deposit. Your booth must be paid in full by July 15; if it is unpaid at that time, the booth will be released and resold.

Must I buy a Prime Location booth to get one of the booths marked with a P on the map?
Yes, you will not have the option to obtain one of these booths unless you buy a Prime Location booth during the lottery for an additional fee of $175.

After I’ve entered the booth lottery, do I need to do anything else to register for the conference?
Yes, once you’ve entered the lottery, you will be directed to the Exhibitor Service Center where you’ll be asked to complete a full registration questionnaire. In the Exhibitor Service Center, you can also register additional booth staff, as well as buy artist and guest passes for the conference.

Can I register my booth staff at the same time as registering for the lottery?
Yes, booth staff registration will open once the lottery opens, and you will be given a login to register your booth staff upon entering the booth lottery.