Marketplace Business 101

For Everyone

  • Familiarize yourself with the PAE Policies and Guidelines and Conference Etiquette (PDF)
  • Familiarize yourself with the NAPAMA Guidelines for Ethical Behavior
  • Check out the PAE Frequently Asked Questions
  • Pack comfortable shoes — you’ll be on your feet all day
  • Make sure you bring enough business cards for the whole conference
  • If you’re a first time attendee, sign up for the New Colleagues Program
  • Make an itinerary so you can prioritize conference events you’d like to attend
  • Bring scaled down promotional materials to market your roster or venue
  • Practice your “elevator pitch” prior to the Marketplace opening on the first day
  • Remember, it is poor etiquette to interrupt meetings; you can always stop by a booth later, or look up someone’s contact information using the Attendee List
  • Recording of the PAE Launchpad webinar – Launchpad is a program of South Arts designed to nurture new presenters. While this webinar was aimed at a small cohort of presenters, it also has a general breakdown of the parts of PAE and what to expect as a new attendee.

For Exhibitors

  • Schedule your meetings ahead of the conference
  • Prior to the conference, download the Attendee List and do some pre-conference marketing
  • Use the attendee list to research which presenters you’re interested in working with by who they book, who their audiences are, and what their budget is. For more information on targeting your email marketing prior to the conference, look at this series of email marketing webinars
  • Be aware of your artists’ technical requirements and schedules
  • Have information easily available for presenters with lower budgets

For Presenters

  • Prior to the conference, take a look at which exhibitors will be present and make an itinerary of who you’d like to meet with. You may also want to download the full attendee list for networking
  • Consider attending your state consortia meeting – there may be a presenter in your state interested in some of the same artists you are
  • Know the specifics of your venue: technical info, budget size, audience, etc. Make a one-sheet with this information to take to meetings
  • If you take promotional materials while an exhibitor is meeting with someone else, leave your business card as a courtesy
  • Bring your programming calendar for the next two years. Remember that South Arts has grant opportunities available to assist with with your performing arts touring needs
  • Consider the possibility of block booking with other venues whose mission and audience is similar to yours
  • Block out time in your schedule for “discovery” in the Exhibit Hall. The Marketplace provides a great opportunity to meet new agents, managers, and artists, and to find new opportunities for your upcoming season. You may find that the final day and accessible hours are prime times for discovery!