PD@PAE Workshops

Professional Development sessions at PAE support the presenting and touring field with practical management, leadership and career training. During PAE, we offer sixteen workshops and workshops for artists, managers, agents and presenters through three focus areas: Fundamentals, Skills and Issues & Ideas.

Fundamentals workshops are designed to meet the needs of those new to the field, providing essential information. Skills workshops are designed for professionals with more experience, but who are in need of more specialized and in-depth exposure to major issues of concern in the field. Issues & Ideas workshops are designed for professionals who want to dig more deeply into an artform, an issue, or explore an idea. In addition to the traditional workshop setting, we offer these workshops in various formats including facilitated roundtables, panel discussions, and small, informal conversations with thought leaders.

These three focus areas of learning allow PAE participants at all points during their careers to find opportunities for stimulating conversation. Attendees will find an array of topics that will help deepen their knowledge and expand their ways of working.

Have a burning question or a great idea for a workshop? South Arts is seeking workshop proposals.

South Arts is accepting suggestions and proposals for workshop topics needed to meet your professional development needs during the 2018 Performing Arts Exchange (PAE) in Orlando, FL. We are interested in 75-minute sessions for new research, practices, trends, or models that you would like to hear more about. PD@PAE workshop topics are due February 20, 2018.