Can We Tawk? Communication at the Intersection of Agent and Presenter

Wednesday, September 27 | 9:00 – 10:15 a.m.

“I’m emailing and making calls 6-8 hours a day with no replies!” moaned the agent. “I get 200 emails and 50 phone messages every day! How can I possibly reply?” groaned the presenter. We all agree current communication isn’t working well, so let’s improve it. The frank and open dialogue of this session will spark an ongoing discussion on effective communication between presenters and agents/artists. Topics will include strategic choice and use of communication tools and how to determine which works best, why, and when. Through sharing this information, we’ll explore the symbiotic nature of the presenter/agent/artist relationship.

Moderator: Lori Andersen (Andersen Arts Group)
Panel: Laurel Canan (Center Productions), Ron DeStefano (Two on Tap), David Whitnack (Community Arts Center)

Download the Can We Tawk session outline