Celeste Miller

Celeste MillerCeleste Miller is a solo performer, choreographer, educator and community arts animator. Her work explores the possibilities of dance as a performing art, cultural practice, political act and a method for the embodiment of ideas and beliefs. Dubbed “Dance Whisperer”, Celeste has devoted herself to a practice finding ways that anybody, and every-body, can find a way to experience the world, and express ideas, through participatory dance-making. Her collection of workshop designs, collected from over twenty-five years of work in the field, is currently in draft stages to be published by Digital Grinnell. Celeste is part of the three-person consultant team for South Arts Dance Touring Initiative, working with presenters to engage audiences for contemporary dance. Currently on faculty in the Department of Theatre and Dance at Grinnell College, she also maintains a base of artistic practice in Atlanta, Georgia. Her most recent partnership is with Grinnell College and the Medical Humanities department at Des Moines University, using reflective art practices in medical education, so that in addition to the acquisition of procedural skills, future doctors develop a conscientious attitude for professional identity development.