Ron DeStefano

Ron DeStefano, Producing Director of EPIC ARTS MANAGEMENT LLC, is a New York City-based producer, performer, director and choreographer. Beginning in 2012, he became a well-known fixture at PAE as one-half of the “all-singing, all-dancing” performing duo TWO ON TAP, and in 2015 he and dance partner Melissa Giattino elevated their relationship to a producing entity to provide full-service management services to both their tap duo and their newest artistic creations: SHADES OF BUBLÉ (a three-man tribute to Michael Bublé) and NYC3 (a vocal trio singing today’s hottest hits). Ron enjoys straddling the creative line as administrator and performer, and as one who interacts with presenters as both agent and artist he looks forward to exploring new ways to improve the lines of communication between those who make art and those who present it.