About PAE Showcases

juriedShowcases at the Performing Arts Exchange provide presenters an opportunity to sample high quality artistic performances that will attract and engage their audiences. PAE provides a variety of opportunities for artists to increase their visibility during our conference. Note that all showcasing artists (Juried, Indies, or Sponsored) must be represented in the Marketplace in a booth.

Juried Showcases: 15-minute showcases produced by South Arts, where artists, agents, and managers apply for one of 16 showcase spots that take place over the course of two nights.  The applications are adjudicated by a panel of experts in their field.

Independent Showcases: Performances produced by the artist, agent, or manager. They occur after the Juried Showcases in a number of locations around the conference’s host city.

Sponsored Showcases: Performances produced by South Arts that have the highest visibility at the conference. This is a great opportunity for an already well-established artist to expand their regional base.

Questions about showcasing or participating at PAE? Check out our FAQ for the answers to some common questions.