Independent Showcases

Basics: Independent Showcases are performances produced by artists, agents and managers in the conference hotel, convention center or in local venues after marketplace and Juried Showcase hours. These performances are not  produced or managed by South Arts. Affectionately known as “Indies”, these showcases encompass an enormous range of genres and talent levels. Indie Showcases fully round out the PAE conference experience with evenings of great art, entertainment and just plain fun.

Eligibility: Anyone may produce an Independent Showcase for PAE, but all artists must be represented in the marketplace and perform showcases during sanctioned hours. In order to advertise directly to PAE attendees, artists/producers must pay for listings (see below). Typically, showcasing artists produce a showcase at an outside venue or purchase a time slot from an agent who has leased space on the conference footprint.

10 Things to Know About PAE Indie Showcasing

Indie Listings: Agents, managers, and artists who have purchased a booth and registered for the conference may list their Independent Showcases in the PAE program book, website and mobile app. Showcases must take place during sanctioned hours to be listed in conference materials. Listings are $75 for a single artist or $125 for multiple artists in one showcase.

Indie print listing deadline: July 31, 11:59 pm ET.

Indie website and mobile app listing deadline: September 14, 11:59 pm ET.

Leasing Space for Onsite Indies: PAE leases space for showcasing in official PAE facilities, but new attendees are encouraged to showcase for a few years with other producers who are familiar with the process before undertaking the considerable expense and effort to produce a room of showcases. Any artist or an agent ready to produce showcases must first read the showcasing document with ALL the specifics of the space available. After thoroughly reading the document, any artist or agent considering leasing space from PAE must fill out an online application form in March/April and discuss specifics with South Arts staff . Conference Management tries accommodate all who wish to showcase, there is typically more demand than supply. Priority is given to producers who book multiple nights and are in good standing with South Arts.

Check back in spring 2018 for more information on showcasing at the Caribe Royale Orlando. Contact Ethan Messere to receive updates about leasing independent showcasing space at the Caribe Royale.

Offsite Indies: Some cities lend themselves to showcasing outside of the official conference footprint. Due to the isolation of the Caribe Royale Orlando, Conference Management strongly suggests that all independent showcases occur onsite.  Offsite performances are not produced or managed by South Arts PAE.

Questions about showcasing or participating at PAE? Check out our FAQ for the answers to some common questions.