Juried Showcase Panel Application Guidelines


Online Nominations Due February 24, 2017
Brief Panel Training April 2017, exact date TBD
Juried Showcase Panels May 1-5, 2017
PAE Juried Showcases September 26 + September 27, 2017

Juried Showcase Basics

Juried showcases are 15-minute presentations of a performance and are designed to give presenters a sense of the work as their audience would experience it. The PAE Juried showcases promote high-quality, ready-to-tour artists and are adjudicated from a panel of experts in the field. Showcases represent artists with a variety of fee ranges, technical needs and genres. The Performing Arts Exchange 2017 will host two evenings of performances with up to 16 juried showcase positions available. Juried Showcases are an important part of the Performing Arts Exchange and selected artists receive special billing in the PAE Program Book.

Juried Showcase Panel

The PAE Juried Showcase panel is comprised of nine panelists from around the U.S. with expertise in different artistic disciplines. Each panelist must have at least five years of experience and expertise in at least one of the major performance disciplines (dance, music, theater, variety, family and children’s programming). Panelist nominees may be artists, agents/managers, presenters, or a member of a relevant service organization.

Panelists are not expected to travel; panels are held in a webinar format via phone and computer. Panelists must be able to commit to a 1 hour online training session, approximately 3 hours pre-panel review of materials, and 2 full days of panel reviews via webinar. A panelist will serve either May 1, 2 or 3 (based on artistic discipline) and all panelists will serve on May 5.

Nominate Yourself

To nominate yourself as a panelist please fill out our online form. Submitted nominations will be held for consideration for two years.

If you have any questions please contact Ethan Messere at emessere@southarts.org.