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Wi-Fi Sponsor – $3,000

Subsidize the internet provided for attendees. Associate your agency with a necessary tool to do business, and direct all users to your website when they log on.

Conference Mobile App Banner – $1,000 (3 opportunities available)
Get your brand and message in front of every attendee every time they open the event app – before, during and after PAE. The Conference App allows attendees to have mobile access to conference information including the agenda, speaker information, links to social media, and last minute updates plus more!


Charging table

Cyber Café – $1,500
Attendees visit the Cyber Café to check email and network with colleagues before, during, and after events. Sponsor(s) name, logo, and URL will appear on the home page of all computer screens located in the café.

Charging Station – Call for Quote
Give the PAE attendees time to recharge with a branded charging tower in the Cyber Café or a branded charging table in a marketplace lounge.

Become our Connectivity Sponsor! Bundle together any two or all of the Wifi, Mobile App, Charging Station and Cyber Café sponsorships and receive a discount. Contact Ivan Schustak today!

Conference Badges – $2,000 

Everyone wears a badge at PAE and you’ve gotta take that badge on and off every day. Place your company logo in a prominent position on every single badge at PAE!

Custom Footprint Stickers – $750
Now you can literally guide people’s feet to your booth or showcase using custom “footprint” stickers. Get people walking, get people talking. Sponsors will receive 20 custom footprint stickers (10 pairs) that we will place for your maximum exposure.

Welcome Bags – $1,500 
Each attendee receives a tote bag with your company logo on it, filled with registration material. This bag will be used throughout the conference to gather information from the exhibit floor and long after the conference has concluded. Your company logo will be imprinted on attendee bags. (Price includes one imprint color – additional charge for additional color.)

Coffee Breaks – $500 each 
Who doesn’t love coffee at a conference? Located in the Marketplace, break stations will provide high traffic and great exposure. Price includes signage acknowledging your company as the coffee sponsor. Folks will LOVE you for it, we promise!

Branded Coffee Breaks – $2,000
The average person drinks over 3 cups of coffee each day, and we all know PAE attendees are above average in every way! Located in the Marketplace, these break stations will provide high traffic and exposure for your company. Refresh attendees between events and education sessions with coffee cups adorned with your logo! Price includes one imprint color – additional charge for additional color.

Branded Refreshment Break – Call for Quote
Everybody loves a treat.  Provide attendees with a respite from a long day in the Marketplace in front of your booth.  Ice Cream, Margaritas, Cookies are all hits! Or contact us with your ideas.

PD@PAE Breakfast & Coffee Sponsor – $1000 each
Mmmmm….breakfast. We like to start things out right at PAE with a breakfast provided for those attending Professional Development sessions. Makes it a little easier to roll out of bed for that early alarm. Be everyone’s favorite agency and help us provide this meal! Benefits include sponsor acknowledgement, signage, and a single material drop.

Pre-Conference Lunches – $1000 each
Everyone loves a free meal! Wow the presenters or agents new to the field by buying them lunch before they even get rolling on the conference. Subsidize box lunches for the 30-50 attendees and get a moment to have their undivided attention for your commercial. Trust us, people remember free lunches! Benefits include sponsor acknowledgement, signage, and a single material drop.

Welcome Bag Inserts – $1,000
Insert promotional materials into official conference bags distributed to attendees at registration. All items will be subject to approval. You provide your printed item and are responsible for shipping and handling. Must be delivered to conference site by the deadline. Items may not exceed 8½” x 11″ and 2 oz. in weight.

PD@PAE Workshops – $500 each
Make an impression on new presenters before the marketplace even opens, or increase your visibility during non-marketplace time by sponsoring a Professional Development session. Benefits include sponsor acknowledgement, signage, and a single material drop.

Footprints to your Booth – $2,000
Take it from us, folks notice decals on the floor.  And what’s more fun than a set of decals leading directly from the Registration kiosk to your booth?! Just fabulous. Be the buzz of the conference!

Hotel Room Key Cards – Call for Quote
Be the first to greet attendees as they arrive at the hotel with your logo on hotel room key cards. Charge per card varies widely based on the type of card each facility requires.

Hotel Room Deliveries – Call for Quote
Your promotional product will be placed in presenter rooms in the PAE room block and is the perfect way to welcome presenters to PAE! Options include under door, door hangers, or in-room deliveries. All items will be subject to approval. You provide your printed item and are responsible for shipping and handling. Typically the charge would be around $4 per drop.

Multiple package discounts available. Contact Ivan Schustak for more information.

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Note: Only official PAE and sponsored signage will be allowed in PAE areas. Unauthorized signs will be removed.

Meter Board

Meter Boards

Meter Boards – $750 single-sided or $1,250 double-sided
High visibility and multiple impressions throughout the convention center are just two reasons to place your ad graphics and message on a 39″ x 78″ meter board. Located strategically throughout high traffic areas, this is a unique way to reach attendees with your important message. You provide the artwork and we will handle the production. Available locations: registration and marketplace entrance and lounge areas.  Only 3 opportunities available!

Registration Signage – $500 for two signs
Post two 22″ x 28″ signs on easels in Registration area near the Marketplace. A great way to promote your showcase! Only 3 opportunities available!


Ivan Schustak, Communications and Development Director
404-874-7244 x 29, ischustak@southarts.org