ArtsReady: Venue Safety and Security

Tuesday, September 27 | 9:00 – 10:15 a.m.
Antigua 3

Sadly, recent events have underscored the need for presenters and venue managers to keep their visitors safe and their staff/crew trained for emergency situations. We will discuss basic principles and practices for safety and security, and how to scale them to your organization. It’s also critical to understand ahead of time who has authority and responsibility to act in a crisis situation – particularly when you are part of a larger campus or organization, and when first responders are called in. Hear from both a new, large, urban performing arts center whose staff includes a current Detective from the Orlando Police Department, and a smaller, rural performing arts center which has developed a strong readiness plan and safety measures for their particular venue. This session is presented by ArtsReady, a national initiative of South Arts.

Faculty: Jim Badrak | Chris Savard | Joe Gilbert
Facilitator: Mollie Quinlan-Hayes