A statement from the Performing Arts team:

South Arts and the Performing Arts Exchange team, above all else, value the safety and well-being of every conference attendee. As an organization, we maintain an active stance of preparedness and tailor our PAE ArtsReady Plan each year. This plan methodically lays out procedures and protocols covering both manmade and natural events that may disrupt PAE. This year, with the highly publicized civil unrest in Baltimore, is no different. South Arts has – and will continue to – monitor the local situation through various news sources as well as through contact with our colleagues in the area. South Arts remains as excited as ever to bring our conference to a city as culturally rich and diverse as Baltimore. Should local conditions change, be sure that South Arts will act swiftly for the best interests of our conference attendees. Any future announcements will be made public on this webpage, our Facebook and Twitter feeds, and via our email newsletter.